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TOKIWA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES CO., Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, "Our company") recognizes assuming that it is important, and descends to the handling of individual information it is necessary to esteem individual information (information that can identify individuals of the name, the address, the telephone number, and E-mail Address, etc.) with the best of care. In the website chemical Tokiwa industrial Ltd., (Hereafter, it is said, "This website"), the handling of individual information is provided as follows.

■ About Security

In this website, strict security countermeasures are executed to prevent individual information under management losing, misusing, and being modified, and a general user is keeping individual information under a safe inaccessible environment.

■ About Cookie

In this website, I might use cookie (*) will provide the service customized by the user.
* Cookie is information accumulated from the server onto the hard disk of the computer that the user is using.

■ About individual information in 15 years old or less

Please obtain the permission of the guardian without fail when 15 years old or less transmits individual information to this website or do under the supervisor guiding.

■ About the information protect in linked Websites

The handling of individual information that the user offers on third party's website is not managed at all though our company might put the link from this website on third party's website. Please confirm the publishing articles concerning the handling of individual information on the website in each linked Websites.

■ About an individual giving information and indication

Individual information that our company collected on this website is offered to the third party or is not disclosed excluding "There is the customer's agreement" and "Regulations of the law etc.". However, it offers or it is likely to indicate it with our group company according to the inquired content. Please inquire after it agrees to this case. Moreover, making and the management of the website might be consigned to an outside enterprise that judges that our company is worth trust. In this case, the non-disclosure agreement is concluded beforehand, and user's protection of individual information is aimed at.

■ About the method of the indication claim etc.

Our company corresponds to the request of the notification, the indication of the purpose of use from the person in question or the deputy, and the correction, the addition, the deletion, the suspension, the deletion of the content or the offer prohibition to the third party about the possession individual data. It does according to "Method of following a procedure for the indication claim etc." of "Chemical industry Ltd. of Tokiwa protection of individual information policy".

■ Opinion and question

Please contact "Reception desk(*) " described to the method of following a procedure for the indication claim etc. when there are an opinion and a question about individual information on this website.
* TEL: 03-3940-7768  E-mail